Concussion to consequence webinar – 12 days to go!

The Ovid Concussion to Consequence Webinar will be live in 12 days’ time, with Margot Putukian, Director of Athletic Medicine at Princeton University, Past President of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine, and member of the NFL’s Head, Neck and Spine Committee joining John D. Corrigan, Professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation at Ohio State University and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Head Trauma Rehabilitation in a 60 minute discussion on topics related to concussion in sport.

The webinar goes live at 12:00hrs EST on Tuesday the 18th of October, and can be accessed here.

Dr Margot Putukian comments :

‘Concussion is a challenging injury to assess and manage, and the research is evolving at an exponential pace.  The upcoming webinar will be an opportunity to discuss the definition of concussion as well as some of the essentials regarding recognition and management of this injury.  We will discuss a comprehensive approach which includes the pre-season planning as well as sideline and post-injury assessments, return to play considerations, and finally prevention and areas of future research.  We will hope to provide a comprehensive review of a very challenging and important topic.’

In addition to these topics, there will be further discussion on the lifetime risks associated with repeated episodes of concussion, and emerging data on the delayed consequences of early episodes of concussion. Some of the evidence presented will be extrapolated from studies of armed forces veterans and other groups who have a higher incidence of early traumatic brain injuries than the general population.

It’s been over 172 years since Baron Guillaume Dupuytren, perhaps better known for his description of Dupuytren’s Contracture and his treatment of Napoleon Bonapart’s haemorrhoids, described the differences associated with unconsciousness following traumatic brain injury in individuals sustaining brain contusions compared with those without macroscopic evidence of neural damage. Our understanding of the topic of concussion has come a long way since over the years, and we have now have clear guidelines for the assessment and management of concussion in sport which have been produced by the Concussion in Sport group and published widely, including in CJSM here.

Despite this, controversies still exist such as the possibility of the existence of the ‘second impact’ syndrome, differences in return-to-play protocols based on evidence, and the issue of subsequent morbidity and mortality associated with repeated episodes of concussion in earlier life.

The Concussion to Consequence webinar should help to shed light on some of these controversial issues.

Sign up here to join in.

(Illustration – Baron Guillaume Dupuytren October 5, 1777 – February 8, 1835, available here )

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