Snow Worries: Sochi Olympics, Second Week


Winter in Sochi 🙂

I was reading the Washington Post the other day, and came across an article with a clever title:  “At Sochi Olympics, Finding Risk is Snow Problem.”

It took your less than clever blogger here a moment to get that…….

Now that I do, I’m modifying the word play for this post’s title.

But the story under the headline I ‘got’ right away.  The Post reporter was arguing that the Sochi snow (quality and quantity) was a danger to competitors, and was possibly increasing the incidence and severity of injuries seen this Olympics.

Like most of you, I have followed the Sochi Olympics with great interest.  The sport is central to my enjoyment; but I also am intoxicated by the scenes of the beautiful Caucasus mountains set so close to a warm, subtropical coastline.  I don’t know if any other Winter Games have been hosted in a city with palm trees.

So, the snow:  so central to a Winter Olympics.  Is it a problem?  We can wait to tally up IOC medical charts, but you can also weigh in with your opinion on our poll below!

And if you’re especially enterprising–and you’re collecting data on this or other epidemiologic issues central to the Sochi Olympics–by all means submit a manuscript to the journal!  We frequently publish studies looking at the Olympics or the effect of sporting surface on injury rates.  We’d love to hear from clinicians/researchers/epidemiologists who have written up their studies and are looking for a quality journal to review their work.

Until then:  take the poll!

*poll can also be found on the journal’s main website

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