Chiari Malformations and Contact Sports

It occurred to me this morning that it had been some time since I posted a poll on these pages.

So, in between your other seasonal activities–sudoku, crossword puzzles, badminton, croquet–I thought you could spend some of your langurous, summer moments taking this poll.

Of course, I would heartily recommend that, before or after this rigorous task, that you check out the July 2014 CJSM, as well as checking out our on-line “Published Ahead of Print” offering, which contains new research on the issue of Chiari malformations in athletes playing contact sports.  You should also consider listening to our recent podcast–a conversation with that study’s lead author, William P. Meehan, III.

And after doing all that, you should get back to the dock or the chaise longue, and take a well-deserved nap.

I hope most of you (in the northern hemisphere any way) are enjoying some summer fun and getting some holiday time in.


About sportingjim
I work at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio USA, where I am a specialist in pediatric sports medicine. My academic appointment as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics is through Ohio State University. I am a public health advocate for kids' health and safety. I am also the Deputy Editor for the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

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