“The Trouble with Kids”: Overuse Injuries and Burnout in Youth Sports

We’re winding down 2014 and already looking forward to the January 2015 issue, which is packed with important papers including two American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) Consensus Statements.  We’re the official journal of the AMSSM and we’re always excited to publish one of their well-researched statements.

2014 opened, in fact, with an AMSSM consensus statement:  “Overuse Injuries and Burnout in Youth Sports:  A Position Statement from the AMSSM.”  It is our third most viewed study this year at cjsportmed.com.  We caught up with the lead author, John DiFiori, past-president of AMSSM, in one our 5 questions with CJSM interviews in a January 2014 blog post.  Sit down with a cup of egg nog and take a look at those links for some real holiday pleasure!

I know in my own practice of pediatric sports medicine I’ve referred frequently to what I’ve learned from this position statement.  I ‘channel it’ frequently when I’m talking with one of my patients (and parents) about the prevention and treatment of little league elbow in a pitcher or spondylolysis in a gymnast……And I certainly used a great deal of that study in my preparation for delivering a talk at the national youth athletic summit sponsored by MomsTeam in Boston in September:  “SmartTeams Play Safe.”a33c5a4a7e63600ecb112e79412060dda8baa293

I’m reposting my blog post review of that 2014 consensus statement below.  Enjoy, and get ready for a great 2015!  We’ll begin with a bang:  a podcast with the lead author of a new AMSSM consensus statement, and more.

Happy Holidays!

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he might make the Red Sox?*

We’re very pleased at CJSM to open the New Year with a shout:  a fantastic systematic review and position statement on the subject of youth sport, from the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM).

The focus of the paper–in the January 2014 issue, which has just published–is on overuse injuries, which are thought to represent roughly half of all the injuries youth athletes sustain.

All readers of the journal, and of this blog, will find this a worthwhile read.  I have a selfish interest in the subject, as I am currently practicing pediatric sports medicine, and in my professional life I live and breathe the issues discussed in the paper. Moreover, I know several of the authors of this paper, and I think highly of them all.

But this is not about ’eminence based’ medicine. …

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