The 2015 Meeting of the American Society for Sports Medicine


Site of the 24th Annual Meeting of the AMSSM

The 24th meeting of the American Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) is taking place in 10 days in Hollywood, Florida, and we could not be more excited.

The first person plural is appropriate here, as indeed it is not the ‘royal we’ that is excited:  a significant number of this journal’s Editorial Board will be present at the meeting, ranging from the Editor in Chief, Chris Hughes (coming in from the UK) to Associate Editors such as Tom Trojian (Thematic Issue editor) and the illustrious Doug McKeag (Editorials co-editor), one of the first presidents of the AMSSM.  We’ll be having our annual Editorial Board meeting and dinner on Thursday April 15, in the midst of the proceedings.

We are the official journal of AMSSM, and as we do with each meeting of our partner society we are publishing in our March 2015 issue the research poster , research podium, and case podium abstracts for the meeting’s proceedings.

In honor of the meeting’s theme for 2015, “Return to Play,” we have selected seven recent articles published in the CJSM whose focus is on that topic, and we have made them freely available until April 30; check out the “Return to Play” collection here.

We’ll have a lot coming your way from the proceedings:  updates on the meeting itself; an interview with Jon Patricios of South Africa, the 2015 AMSSM travelling fellow; twitter pics and more.  So be sure to follow the blog, our twitter feed (#AMSSM15 is the hashtag), and if you’re on site in Florida look us up:  we’ll have a booth, and we’re eager to see you.


About sportingjim
I work at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio USA, where I am a specialist in pediatric sports medicine. My academic appointment as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics is through Ohio State University. I am a public health advocate for kids' health and safety. I am also the Deputy Editor for the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

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