#Stampede2015 – Cheers to the Calgary Stampede!


O Canada! The Mounties parade through the streets of Calgary as part of the Stampede festivities.

The Calgary Stampede starts tomorrow, and we are excited to re-post this popular offering on rodeo: “The most dangerous sport in the world?”

Ironically, another candidate sport for that dubious distinction, calcio storico, has been underway in Florence this past week; the New York Times just had a nice piece on this brutal sport.  Ouch.

But the topic of this post, and the focus of the Stampede, is on the sport of rodeo. Over the years, CJSM has published numerous studies on the subject. Take the time to read this post and connect with the studies, and learn more about this exciting (and injury-producing) sport.

From all of us here at CJSM, to the organizers and participants in the Stampede: we wish we were there, and have a #SafeStampede

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Bull_Tamer A Bull Tamer in Australian Rodeo Event. Photo: Amcilrick

TheByrdsSweetheartoftheRodeo “Sweetheart of the Rodeo”

I’ll confess I don’t know much about rodeo.  To the extent the word triggers a response in my mind, I think of Gram Parsons and the Byrds:  “Sweetheart of the Rodeo.” Click on the link and take a listen:  it’s a great album!

Back to sport….it’s my own cultural myopia that overlooks rodeo when I think of the word ‘sport.’ I didn’t grow up participating in it, and in central Ohio I have not attended to any rodeo injuries (equestrian, yes; bull riding, no). I imagine my situation would be different if I practiced in Wyoming or Alberta…..or parts of Mexico, Argentina, and Australia (rodeo is truly international).

As I grow older, I delight in learning more about other sports; my involvement with CJSM certainly has expanded my horizons. Last year, for instance, I…

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