Hello Dallas!


Current president of the South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA) Phathokuhle Zondi (L) & AMSSM member Alison Brooks enjoying Dallas

I’m in Dallas for the annual American Medical Society for Sports Medicine (AMSSM) scientific conference, and I would typically be sharing a photo of the town in this post.  There is the small problem of a veritable tsunami of rain doing its best to keep me indoors.

I have no complaints.

AMSSM is celebrating its 25th year, and it has every reason to pat itself on the back.  The conference it’s putting on right now (hashtag: #AMSSM16) is so well put together that I am quite happy I do not have a pleasant, sunny day tempting me to head outdoors.  I’d much rather be inside catching all the proceedings.

Among the especially interesting aspects of the conference are the research and case study abstracts being presented both in poster-form and as podium lectures.  Our on-line version of the March 2016 issue has these abstracts available and there is some very interesting sports medicine information to be found there.  I am actually presenting a case on spinal muscular atrophy in a high school runner later this afternoon, and I’ve been listening to some other very interesting talks all through the day.


The AMSSM “Wall of Honor,” giving a shout out to so many of the members who have contributed to the organization’s success

The keynote talks are emphasizing the all-important value of collegiality in our profession, and I couldn’t agree more.  Founded 25 years ago, AMSSM couldn’t have survived (and thrived) without the selfless input of capital (time, money, sweat) of a committed group of individuals over those years.  The discipline of sports medicine is built on personal relationships–with our athlete/patients, with our colleagues, with coaches and parents.  Collegiality is foundational.

To that point:  the travelling fellowship the society has sponsored over the past two years, with AMSSM members heading to Australia in 2014 and South Africa in 2015 (myself included).  Later this year, three AMSSM fellows will travel to Italy. 

The relationship is reciprocal, as Australians, South Africans, and Italians have begun to attend AMSSM meetings.  A personal highlight of this session has been the presence of Phathokuhle Zondi, the current President of the South African Sports Medicine Association (SASMA), who has come all the way from Pretoria.  She surely will be winning the award for ‘farthest distance travelled.’

We are just at the half-way point of the meeting, and so expect a lot more! Better yet, make sure you are on social media and following #AMSSM16 for the breaking news.

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain!  Dallas can wait.  #AMSSM16 is NOW!

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