CJSM Podcast 14 — Turf vs. Grass & Girls Soccer

jsm-podcast-bg-1Our newest podcast release profiles a study published in our May 2016 CJSM: Shoe and Field Surface Risk Factors for Acute Lower Extremity Injuries Among Female Youth Soccer Players. Our guest on the podcast is the lead author of the study, John O’Kane M.D., the Head Team Physician for the University of Washington and the Bob and Sally Behnke Endowed Professor for the Health of the Student Athlete.

john o kane and family

Dr. John O’Kane (L), soccer-playing daughter Katie (C), and wife Betsy (R), on grass….in Phoenix AZ

We hope you enjoy the conversation with Dr. O’Kane as much as we did.  We gained insight into the findings presented in the paper and had a fruitful discussion on some of the nuances of the endless debate:  turf vs. grass, which is the preferred surface on which to play soccer? Along the way we chatted about the recent controversies in the 2016 Women’s Soccer World Cup, as well as the impact on pubertal development as an intrinsic risk factor for injury in sport….and more!

Listen in — you can find the podcast on iTunes or on our home page.  As ever, let us know what you think — in the comment section below, or on Twitter @cjsmonline




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