The Male Athlete Triad — Our 50th Podcast

Fall sports have fully blossomed in North America.  With soccer and cross-country, as well as other sports, come overuse injuries, including stress fractures.

I see many girls and boys, young women and men, in my clinics with bone stress injuries, and I’m sure you do too.  And I find myself frequently considering their bone health as well as their training load.  Many of us may have a decent handle on what to look out for with our female athletes — a menstrual history for instance is de rigueur — but with our male athletes, I do not have a great framework for assessment.

This has been the perfect season then to read two manuscripts from the July 2021 CJSM:  The Male Athlete Triad: Parts I and II, which are freely available in the issue.

And now it’s the perfect time to listen to a podcast!

For our 50th podcast we have two special guests:  Drs. Aurelia Nattiv and Michael Fredericson, the lead authors for, respectively, Parts I and II of the Male Athlete Triad Consensus Statement publications. I learned so much from our conversations, and I have already begun to use those lessons when I treated two male athletes this week for bony stress injuries.

If you want to check out this and all fifty of our podcasts, go to the CJSM iTunes page or scan the QR code in the upper left of this blog post.  As always, you can go to the main CJSM website and find our podcasts there as well.

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