How do we ensure sport is a safe space for athletes? An interview with Dr. Margo Mountjoy.

Dr. Margo Mountjoy

Our March 2022 issue has just published, and we are excited to focus on just one of the many important offerings we have in this, the second CJSM issue of 2022.

Margo Mountjoy MD, PhD is an internationally esteemed sports medicine physician and Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  Her career has encompassed an extraordinary breadth of activity in the field of sport medicine.  In particular she has worked extensively in the area of identifying, treating and preventing athletic harassment and abuse.

She is the lead author of three recent CJSM publications focusing on these important sport safety issues, and in this podcast she talks with CJSM about these studies and the work she leads in the international “SafeSport” initiative.

The issue is topical; unfortunately, one does not need to look very far for stories of athletes who are under duress: perhaps most notably in these Olympics, the story of 15-year-old Kamila Valieva has me thinking about some of the subjects Dr. Mountjoy and I discussed in the podcast.

Use the links below to read the articles we cover today in the podcast including

‘Beneath the Surface: Mental Health and Harassment and abuse of Athletes Participating in the FINA (Aquatics) World Championships, 2019’

Nothing About Us Without Us: Empowering the Youth Athlete Voice in #SafeSport 

Safe Sport: Perceptions of Harassment and Abuse from Elite Youth Athletes at the Winter Youth Olympic Games, Lausanne 2020

Just as important, you can go to the IOC sponsored course on safeguarding in sports at IOC 365 here you can make yourself expert on the identification of abuse in sport and learn appropriate interventions. 

You can find the podcast interview with Dr. Mountjoy on iTunes and on the journal’s main website. And if you haven’t done so already, subscribe to the CJSM podcast on iTunes to have every new episode delivered directly to your device for listening. 

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