The Thunder From (mostly) Down Under

I’ve been an Associate Editor for CJSM for just over six months now, and have written over 50 posts for this blog.  I have never received so much traffic and commentary in this brief tenure as I have on my most recent two posts:  A Discussion on Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Legislation and a poll about the same.  Both relate to two very interesting pieces in the most recent, November issue of CJSM that I encourage you to read:  “Bicycle Helmets:  Don’t Say Something by not Saying Something” and the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine Position Statement on Mandatory Bicycle Helmet Legislation.

I have received an overwhelming and gratifying response to the post and the poll, most especially from Down Under: Australia and New Zealand have in place mandatory bicycle helmet legislation (MHL), and there are thunderous voices coming from there dissenting with their respective nation’s MHL.  I have especially appreciated the voices that avoid references to Hitler and religious zealotry and instead share with me evidence from the medical literature on the issue. I encourage you to go the comments section on both posts to see this robust discussion.  I have passed the information on to the papers’ authors as well.

If you’re reading this and you disagree with MHL initiatives, I’d ask you to take one more poll.  I have been curious to understand what single issue folks find most drives their opposition to MHL.  So, if you could take a moment to take the poll below I’d appreciate it.  I’ll share the results from this poll and the previous one  in an upcoming post.

Keep the comments coming (as they say in All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten, Be nice and play fair! All comments are moderated). And, as ever, have a great weekend.

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