share the road

Amen to that!

It’s #BikeToWork week, a time to celebrate….by getting on your bike!

When I’m not on the bike, but instead wandering the ‘twittersphere,’ I have come upon some gems this week.  @NerdWallet posted a great set of slides profiling such data as the top American cities where people bike commute (Davis, California tops the list; but my previous home town of Santa Cruz, California is in the top 10–it’s number 5).

We publish frequently on the subject of cycling and sport medicine in the journal.  On the blog, too, we profile cycling:  from the Tour de France to the contentious issue of bicycle helmet use as injury prevention.

In celebration of this week (allowing me more time on the cycle, and less on the computer) I thought I’d direct you to my personal blog for a post I made a couple of years ago on the joys of discovery on the local bike paths here in Columbus, Ohio.

Enjoy your week, and make it better with an active commute!



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I work at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, Ohio USA, where I am a specialist in pediatric sports medicine. My academic appointment as an Associate Professor of Pediatrics is through Ohio State University. I am a public health advocate for kids' health and safety. I am also the Deputy Editor for the Clinical Journal of Sport Medicine.

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