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Poster session ACSM 2014, Jimmy Onate and Darin Padua show that OSU and UNC can get along!

With ACSM 2014 winding down, I’m already in a reflective mood.

I have three of the four talks I am giving behind me; my resident’s research talk and my own poster presentation are also in the rear-view mirror.  Tomorrow I have the day to enjoy the conference purely as an attendee, and then Saturday I have one more talk to give, with my friend Jon Patricios:   “Social Media for Sports Medicine Clinicians:  R U Ready 2 Go Viral?”

@cjsmonline has been spreading the news on twitter, but the CJSM social media feeds are not the only ones giving the #ACSMAnnualMtg hashtag  a workout:  take a look at these twitter analytics for the meeting courtesy of Symplur.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the conference so far, and my only complaint is that in committing to so many talks, I have found my schedule has made it difficult to attend sessions I would surely have enjoyed.  I missed a symposium on femoroacetabular impingement of the hip given by the Boston Children’s Hospital group this morning, and yesterday I missed a talk from Maria Fiatarone Singh of the University of Sydney….formerly of Boston, which is where I first learned of her seminal work with resistance training in the elderly.

I was pleased to find my poster yesterday next to Jimmy Onate’s.  Jimmy is a Professor at Ohio State, and our lives are so busy I only see him at conferences.  I never cross paths with him in the city where we both live (Columbus, Ohio).  Jimmy (aka @JimmyOnateFPPE) was visited by another ACSM expert in exercise and sport science, Darin Padua (aka @DarinPadua), and it was a pleasure meeting him.  Follow them on twitter, you’ll be happy you did!

CHB folks

Clockwise from left: Drs. Pierre d’Hemecourt, Michael O’Brien, Peter Kriz, myself, Lyle Micheli, and Andrea Stracciolini

Between talks I got to catch up with the people who made me a sports medicine clinician:  Drs. Lyle Micheli, former president of the ACSM, and Pierre d’Hemecourt, both from Children’s Hospital Boston.  Pierre and I are busy working out the details on a project looking at bracing and spondylolysis, and so I hope to have some data published and ready to share with you some day…via the blog, and if passing peer review muster, via the journal.

There are two more days to go, and there’s plenty of action.  I will be tweeting form the sessions I attend tomorrow, so be sure to stay tuned to twitter and keep an eye on that hashtag: #ACSMAnnualMtg

photo courtesy of reno ravindran

Peter Kriz and I on the podium, at our question and answer session after our talk. (photo: Reno Ravindran)

“Live, From Orlando”

cjsm followers

@cjsmonline has 4500+ followers on twitter; where are YOU on this map? Picutre:

This week I’m going to be busy down in Orlando, Florida, where I will  be working and enjoying the 2014 meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

#ACSM2014 #ACSMAnnualMtg– hashtags that are getting a work out this week!!!

I will be involved in five talks, two of which are accessible on Scribd.  I wanted to make sure that attendees to the talks had access to the content as handouts… go ahead and download them (see below)!  And if you’re in Orlando come to the talks:  the Social Media session with @jonpatricios (Dr. Jon Patricios of S. Africa) will take place on Saturday a.m., and my lecture on patient outcome measures takes place on Thursday afternoon.

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