How do you evaluate your ACL reconstructed patients? The CJSM Podcast.

I have an interest in patient-reported outcome measures (PROMs).  In fact, one of the manuscripts I have published in the pages of CJSM addresses the reliability and validity of a pediatric back pain PROM (the Micheli Functional Scale).

I read with great interest, therefore, work recently published in CJSM on another PROM, the ACL Quality of Life (QOL) questionnaire: Validity, Reliability and Responsiveness of the ACL QOL Measure: A Continuation of its Overall Validation.

When I approached the lead author, Mark Lafave, about doing a possible podcast on this study, he demurred. The person I really needed to talk with was the his mentor, and the developer of the measure 30 years ago: Dr. Nicholas Mohtadi.

Dr. Mohtadi is an orthopaedic surgeon and Director of the Sports Medicine Centre at the University of Calgary, Alberta Canada.  He is a past president of CJSM’s affiliated society, the Canadian Academy of Sport and Exercise Medicine.  He is also on the CJSM editorial board and has been a prolific author in our pages these last 26 years.

He made for a wonderful guest on the podcast.  Check it out, and don’t forget you can see all the CJSM podcasts and sign up for the iTunes feed by going here.


“Live, From Orlando”

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This week I’m going to be busy down in Orlando, Florida, where I will  be working and enjoying the 2014 meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM).

#ACSM2014 #ACSMAnnualMtg– hashtags that are getting a work out this week!!!

I will be involved in five talks, two of which are accessible on Scribd.  I wanted to make sure that attendees to the talks had access to the content as handouts… go ahead and download them (see below)!  And if you’re in Orlando come to the talks:  the Social Media session with @jonpatricios (Dr. Jon Patricios of S. Africa) will take place on Saturday a.m., and my lecture on patient outcome measures takes place on Thursday afternoon.

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